Software Development Services

We take problems from design to development solutions

We specialize in the following platforms


  • For high performance applications
  • We can develop for both Windows or Linux
  • Examples: (Inventory Management, Command & Control, Production Monitoring)


  • Designed specifically for Android OS
  • Utilize handset hardware capabilities
  • Good for applications that need access to the handset hardware & that are resource heavy
  • Examples: (Delivery App, Fitness App, Interface & Communicate With Other Backend Systems)

Web Apps

  • In browser application, responsive design, works in both desktop and mobile screens
  • Works well for acting as a frontend hybrid between a mobile application & websites
  • Good for interfacing with APIs & interacting with backend systems
  • Examples: (E-Commerce Frontend Store, Frontend Dashboards For Data Analysis)

Our Process

For your project to be successful you need to have a solid plan. That begins at the analysis phase, what problem is the project trying to solve? What are the goals of your project for you and your stakeholders? We take an Agile Approach, iterating through each of the phases and adapting as needed to meet the project's goals.

Taking Your Idea From Design to Development into Production
  • Analysis Phase
    • Gather requirements
    • Understand the problem domain - what is your application going to be used for and what is the problem you want it to solve?
    • Model the system
    • Review findings with client and repeat the process if necessary
  • Design Phase
    • Start designing a solution based on the information gathered in the analysis phase
    • Design user interfaces
    • Design system interfaces
    • Design and integrate databases
    • Build initial prototype - This is to prove the design will work, and for confirmation of design details
  • Implementation Phase
    • Construct the system - start development of the system's software components
    • Testing - ensure the system and all components are operating as expected by performing unit tests on the system's various components
    • Install the system - get the system up and running on the client's platform for production
  • Support Phase
    • Ensure system is performing as per the requirements and, optimize where needed
    • Educate and train the client on the system and its capabilities
    • Fix and update any bugs found