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AutoX Watchdog - Vehicle Monitoring Alert System

Who am I?

My name is Cavan Biggs, and my team name is 'Binary Chaos'. I'm currently a 3rd year student at Conestoga College enrolled in the Software Engineering Technology(SET) program. As part of my capstone project this Wiki was created to give insights into the project I'm currently working on.

What are we making?

What I am making is a vehicle monitoring system called AutoX Watchdog, which is a stand alone unit that will be placed on the dashboard of a person's vehicle, the system is able to monitor activity around a person's car, and communicate with a mobile application designed for the AutoX Watchdog system. The user is also able to send commands to request the unit to capture images from various angles within the vehicle.

Once the system is turned on it uses infrared sensors to monitor its surroundings, when an object is detected a sensor is triggered sending a signal to a motor that will position a camera in the direction of the triggered sensor. The camera once it's in position will start capturing images, these images are then sent via SMS to a user's phone notifying them that an object was detected near their vehicle with an accompanying image to review and decide if there's a need for concern or not.

Monitoring Mode Example

Command Mode Example

What is the origin of AutoX Watchdog?

I got the idea to make AutoX Watchdog by wanting to develop a system that didn't depend on cloud storage, and gave the user control over their data by only requiring a SMS/MMS(text messages and picture messages) cellular subscription which after initial setup fees only cost around $10 a month. The dashboard camera market has many systems, but our system offers the unique feature of both instantly receiving alerts, and controlling the unit through our mobile application making the use of the system very user friendly.

What's the schedule of this project?

Currently our schedule is as follows:

• January - Begin testing of components, and assembly of initial prototype, and start initial development of mobile application.

• February - Have both prototype, and mobile application communicating, and meeting functional requirements

• March - Refine and test all components, software, and features.

• April - Present Minimum Viable Product to prospective investors, and current stakeholders.

What's my budget to complete this project?

Our budget for this project is as follows:

Initial Proposal Presentation Video

Prototyping Videos

==== Below are videos showing the various stages of the prototyping process during the project's development and testing. ====

PIR Sensor Testing

PIR Sensors Controlling Servo

Servo Troubleshooting

Testing Sensors and Servos

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