Below are some examples of our work

Arduino Hardware Prototype with Companion Application

Hardware Unit: Software written in C/C++
  • We designed and assembled a hardware prototype using an Arduino Mega 2560 microcontroller. The system was designed to monitor a 360-degree area within 7 meters of the unit.
  • The system is equipped with 4 infrared sensors, when trigged the unit’s camera will move in the direction where motion was detected capturing an image.
  • Images are stored on a removable SD card located on the unit, and can be viewed on an SD card reader.
Mobile Application (Android): Written in Java
  • Receives notifications sent via SMS from the hardware when motion is detected.
  • Controls the hardware unit by sending AT Commands via SMS text.
  • The app can command the hardware unit to capture images in four directions, front, rear, left, and right.
  • Received SMS alerts are also viewable in the app showing the date and time received

Production Simulation System

Technologies Used: C#, Microsoft SQL Server
  • Simulates a production line with configurable speeds, and worker skill levels
  • Data is sent over a network to a database using SQL Server
  • Data is retrieved and then displayed on an Andon board showing current stock levels for the work station in realtime

Production HMI System

Technologies Used: React.js
  • Frontend developed using React.js to display the current status of a paint production line
  • Displays where issues arise during the production process to alert line supervisors
  • Displays statistical data based on the day’s production levels
  • Log feature allows authorized users to log production issues easily for later review